Made the Magic Happen

Last night was an extremely magical night. The last performance of Full of Sharp Places took place at the Philadelphia Magic Gardens. If you don't know about this place yet just hit the link.
Beyond the obvious aesthetic and history of this place and the amazing person that is Isaiah, I believe that this is one of the best musical venues in Philadelphia. Every note and vibration caries around the curved tile walls and then shoots right out into the sky. While performing the four of us were really able to wip the notes through the outside maze of tile brick and bottles. The threat of rain loomed over us only to start up 10 minutes after we finished. Thanks for everyone that made it and if you couldn't I'm sure there'll be another incarnation of such music in the future.
Thanks to Beth for shooting. I think she really understood the space and the sound through the maze enough to take some real nice footage.

I'll add more footage as I go just check it out through my youtube account.

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Austin Dodson said...

MAS! Mucho gusto la videocamara actiones!