Kites and Sun

Its boring to me just to document all the time. Luckily I haven't really heard for a while "get your camera and take a picture of this Jim." I don't feel that that's why I always take a photo. I've been happily shooting with this crappy webbie cam that Sony makes. Its portable not complicated to operate. I enjoy abstracting the simplest scene and extract the color and texture that's in front of me. Having the ability to move the camera and create moving images is a bonus in this situation. Now I'm confronted not only by the image but what direction I'd like to move the camera, how its going to zoom in and out or just stay stationary on a moving object.
For added pleasure I've been able to sneak some music into the videos. I've always loved sneaking music into a visually occupied viewer. The image is often what keeps someone in their seat while, before you know it, they are injected into the song. Its easier to dismiss a song or music if they are just listening and not relaxed or captivated by something at that second.
The subject in this instance was the fourth of July 2010.
The first one includes some fireworks (5:04) that a friend of mine was firing off in the adjacent neighborhood to the east of fairmount park and we just happened to catch it! I also had a kite tied to my belt for a long time.
The second video is a song I wrote about my wife Beth when we first started dating.