Waiting In Tubes

When I first started this painting 12 years ago I thought it was the best thing that ever happened to paint and, "weren't all those little pigment particles so lucky to be a part of this moment."  Then I woke up the next morning after the paint dried, the turpentine I used evaporated, and the magic left, I hated it.  I felt like a dope to make such a horrible painting.  I hung on to the moment I felt with it for years. I tried to go back and fiddle around with it but the moment I originally had with it was to be lost forever.  Recently after staring at it in my unfinished pile I decided to come to terms with it and rectify this sad painting in my studio.  Turkey Umber and Zinc White came crashing in.   
Maybe the moment I originally had with it wasn't technically executed well with my novice abilities.  It's ok.  Nature is still there.  Paint is still waiting in the tubes wanting to be mastered and realized in great moments.