Pinatas are for suckers

It's Pinata time everyone, and Carnival Cruise picked the weekend between Barack Obama's win and the Phillies winning the World Series in Philadelphia. Ridiculous. This sucked SOOOO bad.
1) There was very little planning for the thousands of people who showed up.
2) No crowd control.
3) All the candy was shitty and generic.
4) Who really does give a shit about Carnival Cruise anyway.

As you may be able to tell from these shots we had to start making our own fun in between staring at the totally excessive pinata and laughing at the futile attempt of of the Cruise staff controlling the angry mob hungry for candy.

At the end it was a total bust. Philly misbehaved so much that they punished us by not smashing the pinata with the big plastic wrecking ball. Shame on us.