Porkchop 12/10/9

This is what we got before the batteries died. Thanks for everyone that put up with the cold. At least it wasn't a blizzard right?


Back Room

Reissued "Back Room" from 1999 available now.

Track Listing
1.Bounce Downs
2.On the Way
3.Danced So Much I Wanted to Puke
7.High Way Stereo

email jimsinspace at gmail dot com for your copy!

I'll have plenty at future shows...


SoupCooler @ Pork Chop Thurs. Dec. 10th

Show quickly planned
BuildmoreShrines just added to the "Dock Space."
This one's going real well. I can't wait to play this!



I wrote this for S's girlfriend R's birthday party @ Dahlak a few weeks ago. Originally it was only my guitar and the recording from out on the street but then I added the drums and keys in the studio to flesh out the idea a bit.



Broken Hands Broken Glass

While I've been waiting for my co-patriots to return from their summer vacations and start the grind of possible performances of recent Soupcooler sounds, I found myself reviewing old projects.
This one is with a taperecorder/feedback/treated guitarist named Germ. We recorded this in a damp basement back in 2004-ish. Enjoy.
1. untitled #1
2. untitled #2
3. untitled #3
4. untitled #4


Elements Drift

I'm starting a new chapter of technology. A new member to the recording process is here, the new zoom R16 (I'll spare you the tech deets. You can read em yourself). I've only started to tap into it's capabilities. For the past 10 years I've been expressing myself through 4 tracks and now I'm presented with 8 tracks of independent mixdown magic. Check out the new tune as of today!
Elements Drift.mp3


Cool Off the Presses

I have officially completed my recent Soupcooler release, "Full of Sharp Places." Everything was recorded and mixed here at Opal Productions.
There are 10 tracks:
1. Bat Erritmo
2. Mamuz Jositako
3. Its Not Enough
4. Sendatzalle
5. Erribererriko Errige
6. Balea
7. Opal Kalea
8. Aldatze
9. Oker Erauntsi
10. Basurde Nekatuta Every cover is a little different. I have hand silk screened and spray stenciled every cover. Every album is numbered in this limited 100 copy edition.
Distribution is going to happen through me for now. Cost for each limited edition CD is $10.

Free delivery inside Philadelphia. I can mail copies if needed elsewhere. Email me jimsinspace@gmail.com for all requests.

I've already started work on new material. More posts on that progress to come.


Mr. Stencil meet Puddle Monster

After spending weeks preparing. I spent a few hours today making a few paintings. I wanted to link my photography to my painting. I haven't printed my work lately in the traditional sense. What I have done is started making stencils of a few average photographs that I've noticed got pretty interesting once translated into a stencil and covered with paint.

This one has a stencil I made from a photograph of a music space I had 10 years ago.
I still love the unintentional that surrounds.
Please dry ok.




That's right ladies and gentlemen puddle painting known as "Ice Capedes" has been sold. Drexel University's 6th Annual Art Auction on Friday March 6th was a huge success. My little painting sat alone with no bids at the silent auction for about an hour until someone offered a bid. I noticed someone shortly after was convinced of the same idea and upped the bid another 5 dollars! I waited the hole night, entertaining a few unexpected friends and sucking down as much free food and drink as I could feed myself. If you look carefully in the flicker link above you may be able to find me doing just that. Congratulations to the Dupont Chemical employee that was moved by my piece enough do drop 45 big ones down on my piece. I was moved by the fact that he was a chemist at Dupont and wanted to hang his piece in his office at work while he dreamed up ways to protect peoples' carpets and ways to reformulate polyurathane that could help my paintings!

Oker Erauntsi


Strange Weather

Ok, it has been a while but I had a bad taste in my mouth with all the "mob" crap that was going on from phillies to pinatas. In the beginning of December Red Ox ventured up to Brooklyn to Mark Goodman's Strange Weather studio. It was definitely a learning experience. We hope to finish our album in the next few months and let it speak for itself. In the meantime here are a few photos from the 3 days of work we put in there.