Austin's Housewarming

Happy new digs to Austin!

Wissahickon Spring League Tournament 2010

Reasons to go and see some sloppy old dudes try and play hockey:

-95 degrees outside 45/50 degrees inside
-meat on grills (I got food poisoning but got through it like a real man)
-stuff that happens on the other side of the dumpster
-heckling from the bleachers
-bad hockey skills met with great slip ups and unexpected moments of greatness
-lots of scoring
-fireworks on the way home courtesy of "Sunoco/Wawa/Goo Goo Dolls' Welcome America"

See you all there next year!


Portraits in the spring of 10

I've been having an interesting time loving photography again but in a much newer (to me) context. Departing from my previous experience shooting for the sake of a moment captured, I'm purely shooting it for the print. I haven't had such a good time "printing" since the early darkroom days. There's a sense of not knowing what these blobs of area are going to really look like until I lift the stencil up. There's a magic in that moment for me.
I can see it on the digital camera display when I shoot it. I can see again it on my computer screen, networking sites or whatever. These pieces hold for me an unmatched example of my love for the process, the creation of color, and the selection of negative space.


Supreme Demeanor

This Friday I'm showing a few new works of art. I've been consumed by the idea of stencils lately and converting a photograph into a print. See where I went in the first exciting chapter. The "paint ship" is lifting off. Consider this the opening ceremonies.
The show is $7 to cover the bands and beer (beeeer)
Friday June 4th 7-11pm
Studio 34 (4522 Baltimore Ave)

Thanks for the support