Outside This Summer

Spending more time outside doing artwork this summer. I figure if I toss in a bit of outdoor pieces that makes that much less time making more artwork that just sits in my basement studio. This one is at Frankford between Girard and Delaware Ave. on what is called Bookspace. With their permission the good people in Bookspace allowed me to do whatever I wanted.
I love working outside. People come by to talk, just watch, offer coconut water and other pleasantries. Bookspace's neighbors "The Lighting Emporium" proposed a piece outside their space. More on that soon I hope.


Paintings Together at Last

At last I have all my paintings organized a little better together on my flickr account as follows:
Oil Paintings
Puddle Paintings
I'll be adding more to these folders and reposting these links as I go.



More moments not caught on camera in order to share those moments. It was well worth it.