From the Land of Polite

The churches here are huge.
Texans are polite.
Set out on a study of the music industry. This festival is a portal for the part of the machine that is trying to verse itself to the world. Record companies either hook you up or you play a free show and pay to get there and be heard.
Or do both.
It is a unique opportunity for bands to ever get a chance and do this. I'm not so sure I was sold on a lot of the bands that had gigantic lines to get in. Considering how much of it I was nonplussed by, I was wondering if either I was delusional or they were feeding into some sort of music marketing drama.
Free dirt lots, back of homes with goats and make shift barn stages were what we clung to. Occasional festival venues we actually had to pay to get in. Seeing so many bands last week did something to my ear. I feel desensitized from the sounds of all the instruments and little nuances that everyone made. Along with that, I have evolved from a lot of what I've been listening to or better yet, how I'm listening to it now.
The whole week had a great falling on the moment vibe. It felt like we magically found our bikes at a pawnshop. We won 25 tacos at Gringo Bingo. Countless other little moments made assured me that we still know how to travel in the moment. I don't think I'd ever move to Austin but maybe someday I'll revisit with more of a performance purpose.


In it for the fourth period

A couple of nights ago I traded photography for beer. The wissahickon hockey league had a kick off scrimmage for the season and I was on it. Not having ever shot sports like this before I was somewhat hesitant. I learned a bit more about my camera's AF features and auto exposure settings. There's definitely things in that little black box that I had no idea it knew how to do; like a sensor that detects movement and then focuses constantly around the exposure field. I could have benefited from having a longer lens but that's getting a little ahead of the game. I spilled beer on my camera at one point and Nikons seem to come with a guzzle switch. You can actually take the batteries out and pour beer on it and it still works!
Everyone that's been on the ice the whole time have this mental image of their cold, beer-filled cooler waiting for them at the end of the game. The stinky sweat filled locker room cools off instantly with a hi-life in your hand. They hang out talk about the game, the janitor kicking them out, music, or whatever else top secret conversation that can't be repeated outside the locker room walls.
This season has promises of classic rock and roll band themed teams. I personally feel that a more aggressive punk theme would have fit better with their style but that's just me.


Given Me Know Wa Wa

Phil Spector, George Harrison, and the mental frustration I put myself through on a daily basis I owe this to.