New Record Label: Slowspace


There's a new label some friends and I have started.  A collaboration with Brahm Fetterman and Jesse Prager of Bunk and Dave Seator the drummer in Texas Mercy.  One day after posting an album on a popular music website I needed a change.  This site allows you to post your own music and sell it for a hefty fee.  In the end the band only makes about 5-10% off of the sale of the album.  Now I know when I started to play music it wasn't to get rich or make any money at all.  But I'm certainly not here working my ass off for some other corporation with my music.  So we assembled some good minds and along with Seator's technical prowess we brought the digital distribution back into our own hands.  We invited along a handful of bands that have been loosely working together and sharing a common practice space and recording studio in Mt. Airy called Sharpnack.  An old barn built in the 1700's and only finding it's true purpose in life in the early 21st century.  Lo Power Plane, Bunk, Beyonder, The Matter, and Texas Mercy are on the roster so far.  
I'm sure there will be more to update on in the future.  This is only the seed the idea is wild and full of potential right now.
See you all soon.