Two Cats and a Sea Lion

Two Cats and a Sea Lion!

Cape Cod

I'm catching up. Now that there is this Blog to tend to I find it rewarding and burdensome to let the 4 people that may or may not be reading this know what's happening. If anything else its a great snapshot for myself in where I'm at in my life with creativity.
So with that in mind I present to you a peak into an amazing trip I took to Cape Cod, MASS. I wish there was such a thing as smellovision because that was probably the first thing i remember. Piney-saltwater-seaweed-mildew-cedar. And quiet. No city sounds just osprey crows and seagulls fighting for position. I fell in love with the moment. The photos are a whole other process and really don't capture a lot of what I saw but I do love the framing and position in each moment with the light and breeze off the ocean.