I recently went to MONA (Made On North American) for a photo shoot with Becca Pulver's handmade dresses she made for her wedding last year. Afterwards we went inside for a party in their studio. They showed off some of the things they had been laboring on recently as well as good beer and music. It was Joe Pattituci's "Tadoma" and friends "Battle Ready" to follow. Both sets were short and sweet and could have gone on for hours if it wasn't for some guy who thought it'd be a good idea to take lots of acid and make crow noises all night. Becca kicked him out and we all sighed under our breath.
I have grown very fond of "work shops" as of late. You'll find near the end of the slide show I snuck upstairs to find an imaculate lair of a wood shop. I loved every bit from the glowing radio to the sawdusted tables.

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